Different Types of Business Licenses

If you are thinking of starting a business, keep reading to find out a few of the different types of licenses that could be federal, state, or local that you might need. 

Local Licenses and Permits

You might not need all of these licenses, however, it’s worth going through all just in case. 

1. Local Business Operating License

This is the first step. It is important that before requesting it, you have a location/zone. This license will reflect the business address.

2. Zoning and Land Use Permits

After completing your application, the city will check if your type of business goes under the local zoning codes, especially if your business requires parking space.

3. Building Permits

This local permit depends on if you are planning on doing some changes to the structure like building, renovating, installing new utilities or appliances. It is to ensure that you are in line with safety codes and regulations.

4. Fire Department Permit

Without this permit, you can’t open your business to the public, especially necessary if it uses flammable materials, like a restaurant.

5. Health Licenses and Permits

If the nature of your business is serving the public, you will probably need a health permit.

6. Signage Licenses and Permits

Some cities and counties have restrictions on how the business’s sign should be. For example, size, location, visibility, and lighting.