Business Startup Plan

Start your business with the right legal team by your side

We will help you choose the right entity formation for your business

– LLC (Limited Liability Company)

– Incorporation (S Corp, C Corp)

– Sole Partnership

– LP (Limited Partnership)

– Limited Liability Partnership

We will take care of the future for your business:

Business Name:

– DBA/Business Name
– Entity Name Availability
– Entity Name Reservation

Taxes, Licenses, and Permits

– Federal Tax ID (EIN)
– State Tax ID
– 501c3 Application
– Business Licenses
– Seller’s Permit

Corporate Filings:

– Corporate Amendments
– Foreign Qualification
– Corporate Name Changes

Business Compliances

– Initial Reports
– Operating Agreements
– Registered Agent Service
– Company Bylaws
– Manuals and policies for compliance: employee handbook, sexual harassment policy, etc

Every business is unique. So we want to provide your business with the unique services it deserves.
Schedule a free consultation with our team to make sure your future business is ready to run on time.

Trademark and CopyRight:

– Trademark Registration
– Trademark Search
– Other Trademark Filings

Real Estate

– Commercial Lease
– Residential Lease

Legal Forms and Agreements:

– Legal Forms
– Invoice Template
– Bill of Sale
– Letter of Recommendation

Available add-ons for your business

Legal Subscription Plans

Accounting Package

Marketing Package


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